Where Youth Find
New Beginnings

Located just East of Lawrence, KS, O'Connell Youth Ranch uses a behavior modification method called the Family Teaching Model, wherein youth learn through example what it’s like to live in a family, including all the ups and downs of family life.

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O'Connell Youth Ranch

A Second Chance at a Fresh Start

O’Connell gives a child a second chance and a fresh start in life. The Ranch staff often succeeds with it’s proven teaching family programs where others have failed. O’Connell prepares children for:

  • Foster Care
  • Adoption
  • Reintegration back with their families
  • Time when they must support themselves

About the Ranch


Staff & Teaching Parents
Our ranch staff and teaching parents have the passion, vision and expertise needed to help give a child a second chance and a new start in life. They are trained to handle behavior problems caused by neglect, school peer pressure or his own bad choices.

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Family Setting
In the home, skills are constantly reinforced by example and role play. In a real way, this unique home seeks to help boys learn to help themselves learn to prepare for the challenging and competitive world awaiting them at maturity.

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Recreational Opportunities
The Ranch has several opportunities for recreation including a basketball court for playing pickup games and fields for baseball and football. The Community Center is a place for residents to gather and play pool, ping pong, foosball, and more.

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Milkhouse Mural Project
The Milkhouse Mural Project is an open opportunity for the young men placed at the Ranch to enact meaningful change upon their environment through the creation of a mural on the Ranch’s old Milkhouse.

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