Ranch Placement



Not all youth belong in lock-up facilities. Many are provided the opportunity to come to O’Connell Youth Ranch on a space available basis.

Some are placed under the protection of the Kansas Department for Children and Families or in the custody of the Kansas Department of Correction. Children may have been removed from their homes because of abuse, neglect, family conflicts, individual poor conduct, or legal issues.

OYR staff is trained to handle all of these situations. Staff offer fair treatment and expert guidance that will help change the behavior of these troubled children. Ranch homes are arranged to provide as much normal family living as possible during a child’s stay.

O’Connell gives a child a second chance and a new start in life. Team building helps each child to work with others to fulfill a common goal or need. Each child participates in education, social and sports programs in the public schools and every child is allowed to participate in religious activity.

The house parents teach each individual youth how to take responsibility for themselves while preparing for the challenges in this competitive world. Every child is held accountable for the choices they make.

Skills are reinforced by example and role play. Each child is taught the life skills needed to function in our challenging and competitive world.