Milkhouse Mural Project


The Milkhouse Mural Project

The Milkhouse is the first structure the residents see when they arrive on grounds. Based upon the first impressions of previous residents, it appears that this experience is not a pleasant one. An otherwise wasted old eyesore that had long ago lost its function, can now be resurrected and re-purposed into a signpost of hope, change and validation for past, present and future residents, staff and the Lawrence community.

The project is an open opportunity for the young men placed at the O’Connell Youth Ranch to enact meaningful change upon their environment through the creation of a mural. Through art and collaboration, our young men will create a personal connection with the Lawrence community as well as leave behind a message of safety, hope and positive change for future residents. For more information, please checkout the Milkhouse Mural Project website.

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