Services Overview

Ranch entrance


O’Connell gives a child a second chance and a fresh start in life. The Ranch staff often succeeds using behavior modification where others may fail. O’Connell prepares children for:

  • Foster Care
  • Adoption
  • Reintegration back with their families
  • Time when they must support themselves

How We Help

House Parents

We provide a family setting with House Parents that live in the home 24/7. There are 3 homes with each home housing 8 boys ages 11-18. Learn more about our House Parents.

In the home, skills are constantly reinforced by example and role play. In a real way, this unique home setting seeks to help boys learn to help themselves and learn to prepare for the challenging and competitive world awaiting them at maturity.


Ranch house

The following skills are taught:


Housekeeping, laundry and cooking.


Eye contact, body posture and voice tone.

Social Skills

Accept responsibility for behavior, anger management, and following directions. Also respecting authority and peer relationships.


Planning ahead, study skills, and college search and preparation (SAT and ACT prep, FAFSA/Grants/Scholarships applications work).

Independent Living Skills

Money management, job interviews, car buying, apartment hunting and community involvement.

Inside ranch house

Additional Services


Our boys attend South Middle School and Lawrence High School. There are also opportunities to obtain a GED via the Diploma Completion School.

Other Activities

Boys are allowed the opportunity for extra curricular activities with transportation provided when needed in school and in the community.

Additional Help/Monitoring

We have a para who supervises our boys in the school setting and gives them help when needed. A Certified Teacher provides tutoring services several times per week.

Mental Health Support

Hall and Associates come to OYR to provide individual, family and group therapy sessions as needed (Bird House Project, anger management, social skills).
Boys receive drug and alcohol services through Professional Treatment Services in Lawrence.
Each home is supported by a case coordinator. Each youth has an Individualized Program Plan to encourage them through their journey to completion of their stay.
Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center – For mental health needs (medication evaluations and other mental health needs).